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How does it work?

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Brake Director™

The One-Hand Braking Solution

It's not a Compromise - It's an Improvement

  1. Brake Director doubles your hand force and balances the force to the Brakes to make using a single brake lever as powerful and effective as two.

    Common dual output Brake Levers have one force output that is merely split in two halves resulting in less force to one of the wheels.

  2. Brake Director enhances your control by letting one hand steer and control your bicycle without any distractions.

    With Brake Director, one hand can control steering while the other hand has full control of the brakes. In a car, your hands are always steering while one foot controls the brakes.

  3. Brake Director uses both brakes with balance and smoothness for maximum control.

    Like a car, one brake pedal applies balanced braking to all four wheels. Brake Director does exactly the same thing using one brake lever.

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Da Vinci Awards

Brake Director™ has been nominated for a da Vinci Award!

Brake Director Stories


Troy rode the 2004 STP using Brake Director and bought it because it was 'cool.' Then he had a Major Injury. Today he has a whole new appreciation of Brake Director. Just click on the picture to view this and other videos.


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We attended the IPMBA Conference in May 2010 in Missouri.

Brake Director was introduced to the Portland Bicycle Community in October 2009 and met with shops and bike tech developers.

Bike polo has been on our table for a year or so. Did you know that the Seattle Bicycle Polo Team are world champions? We will be exploring how Brake Director can be integrated into the sport.

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   Brake Director™ is a one hand brake solution